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Below are endorsements of residents, business owners, associates, elected officials, and more who support Shaunna Elias. 


Shaunna Elias is the right candidate for City Council. Her civic involvement and traditional values are exactly what Glendora needs to remain a great place to Live, Work, and Play!

Gary M. Clifford

GUSD School Board President and Former Glendora Mayor


Glendora Police Officers' Association


I think Shaunna is the right choice for Glendora. She has been involved with schools and now is getting involved with our city. I believe she has the right mindset to move Glendora in the right direction.

Paul Lopez

GUSD School Board Trustee and Glendora Resident

J Nelson.jpeg

I'm proud to be able to lend my name to the list of those who endorse Shaunna for a seat on City Council. She is smart, understands the issues and is committed to doing all she can to represent her fellow Glendorans in the battle with Sacramento to preserve all that we love about our beautiful, well-governed City.

Judy Nelson

Former Glendora Mayor and

Business Executive

April Verlato Updated portrait - Copy (3).jpg

April Verlato

Mayor of Arcadia

Screen Shot 2024-03-01 at 3.20.33 PM.png

Bob Kuhn

Former Glendora Mayor, Director Three Valleys Municipal Water

Shaunna is just who we need for our city leadership. She is engaged in the issues concerning many today. She stands for the morals and values needed to keep our city strong. She is dedicated and committed!

Lenore Craig

Glendora Resident and

Retired GUSD Teacher

Take a moment to talk to Shaunna and you know exactly what she’s all about. She’s genuine, a devoted wife and mother, and a passionate advocate for Glendora. She is not a political animal. She is a resident who cares about our beautiful “Pride of the Foothills” city of Glendora. Thank you, Shaunna, for your selfless and continued commitment to this city.

Janice P.

Glendora Resident

Shaunna is someone who really cares!

Judy Kuhn

Glendora Resident

Shaunna is hardworking, transparent, and has a genuine interest in the city. She is honest, kind, and has a lot of integrity.



Hollie Rush

Glendora Resident

Shaunna cares deeply about Glendora and is knowledgeable about the issues in our city. She would be a strong advocate for the city and all of us that live here!

Jordyn E.

Glendora Resident and


A candidate who is like minded and shares the viewpoint of the residents. This is true life…where the rubber meets the road. No more false propaganda that spews forth from a politician mouth. This is why I endorse Shaunna for City Council

Rick O.

Glendora Resident

Shaunna is exactly what we need here in Glendora. She will represent our community and be an excellent advocate for ALL in this diverse community.

Mark Luera

Long Time Glendora Resident

I love her ideas and was supporting and endorsing her for school board and she should have won.

Christie M.

Glendora Resident

Shaunna resonates with me because she is a working Mom, a PTA Mom, a Sports Mom, a community volunteer & Glendora resident. Shaunna is one of us. Who better to run for City Council than her, who has a vested interest in our city & clear understanding of our community. God Bless her for taking this on. We love you Shaunna!

Candace Desmaris

Glendora Resident and

GUSD Parent

Shaunna has what is takes to lead our city into a successful future. She supports a robust business climate, stands for safe communities, and will listen to the needs and concerns of the citizens. I stand with Shaunna!

Lisa Long

Glendora Resident and


We need people like Shawna leading our community. With her traditional family values ideas. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her and hear her speak and she’s very wise. I believe God has raised her up for such a time is this.

Marianne C.

Community Member

Shaunna understands what it takes to make a functional, well-run city and is willing to put in the work and sacrifice for the best long term solutions. She is focused on what’s best for the city, not what’s politically correct. She’s capable of thinking about the long term impact of “solutions “and discerning what is the best path. I truly believe in her.

Sara Baron

Long Time Glendora Resident

I fully endorse you, Shaunna! Thank you for all you do for our school, kids, teachers and community! You are very loved and appreciated!

Stacy Tarzia

GUSD PTA President and Glendora Resident 

I am happy to endorse Shaunna for City Council! Shaunna’s dedication to our community and her unwavering commitment make her the ideal candidate for the job. She understands the challenges our beloved city faces and is ready to bring innovative solutions to the table.

Ashley Roller

Glendora Resident and

GUSD Parent

Shaunna will provide Glendora with the leadership that is needed to maintain our beautiful community.

Julie Cremins

Life Long Glendora Resident

Shaunna is passionate about the community's quality of life. Involved in school and sports activities. Always willing to get involved. Shaunna would be an asset and outstanding council person.

Thomas F.

Community Member

I have had the privilege knowing Shaunna for nearly 15 years and have been witness to her excellent professionalism and enthusiastic willingness to work hard. She is a persistent voice that has always goes above and beyond, takes initiative, asks for feedback, and follows through with advice. It has always been a pleasure to interact and collaborate with her. She receives my full endorsement for Glendora City Council.

Shelly F.

Business Owner

I believe in her conservative values. May God bless her on the journey.

Annette N.

Long Time Glendora Resident and Retired Business Owner

I've known Shaunna since elementary school, and her passion for the community has always been evident. Her commitment to positive change and thoughtful decision-making makes her the best candidate. I wholeheartedly endorse Shaunna Elias and believe she will bring integrity and dedication to the role.

Jessica Bink

Community Member

I trust Shauna to put the best, long-term interests of Glendora first. She will advocate for fiscal responsibility, fight for local control against the social engineering of the democrat super-majority in Sacramento and work to continue making Glendora the "Pride of the Foothills."

Michael Baron

Glendora Resident

I am happy to endorse Shaunna Elias for Glendora City Council. I know she is a hard worker and will focus her attention on protecting Glendora and the best interests of our citizens.

Sue Milliken

Glendora Resident

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